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The rest of the story

Below are some specific details discussed during my interview with the Associated Press which were omitted from their April 30, 2011 article entitled Ga. ethics panel struggles with budget cuts.

The Georgia General Assembly took monumental steps in making the Georgia Government Transparency & Campaign Finance Commission an independent, self-funded agency. The Commission would become one of a few like it across the entire United States to be able to be self-funded, albeit for now partially self-funded. The Commission has stated they have over 25,000 late fees to send out. The Commission is mandated to keep $25 of each late fee (25,000 * $25 = $625,000). Adding this amount to the $1 million dollar core budget appropriated by the General Assembly would give the Commission a budget of $1,625,000. This exceeds the “ideal budget for the commission” which should be $1.4 – $1.5 million. Somehow these comments and many more like these demonstrating the Commission can operate effectively and efficiently with their current resources were left out of the story.

If any press members are interested in the rest of my comments, feel free to contact me.

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