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Compliance Consulting & Disclosure Reporting


Peace of mind carries tremendous value when you live in scrutiny of the public’s eye.  Our clients do not doubt that we monitor the ever-changing landscape of campaign finance rules and reporting guidelines.  For most, however, it goes beyond having knowledgeable experts on their teams.  It is access to the experts that brings peace of mind and sets RTA Political Management apart.  Our clients enjoy the privilege of unrestricted access to our most formidable experts and know the answer to their questions are never more than phone call or an email away.

Understanding the regulatory climate and how regulations are applied is as important as knowing the statutory rules.  Our consultative approach spans from keeping your campaign out of crisis to diverting a campaign from the storm.  There is very little we have not seen or managed.


With meticulous attention to detail and reporting schedules, RTA Political Management Group guarantees the timeliness and accuracy of the reporting we manage for you.  We prepare, key-data-enter, evaluate and file disclosure reports based on jurisdictional filing requirements.  When requested, and as necessary, we retain outside counsel to review, advise and, if necessary defend, disclosure filings.

Our key-data-entry team is experienced to take contributor and expenditure data provided, in the format most convenient to your campaign, and incorporate it into the regulatory report template for each agency and each unique platform.  Often, our clients utilize FrontRunner, our proprietary web based campaign finance application.

Our work does not end when the data is compiled.  Our evaluation team, made up of former regulators with extensive experience, scrutinizes each report; questioning details and ensuring “best practices reporting”.

Clients review each disclosure report before submission.  Once approved by you, our filing coordinator works with your campaign’s team to align public disclosure with the campaign’s strategy.

Our strategic alliance with one of the nation’s largest and most respected political law firms positions us to guide your campaign in each jurisdiction of all 50 states and work with the FEC.

R. Thompson & Associates LLC is not a law firm nor are its partners and employees licensed to practice law. Content that is presented herein is for informational purposes. Nothing herein shall be construed as legal advice nor is intended to be legal advice