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Georgia Ethics: Important Date Update

December 13, 2012

Make note of the following published dates* and details for candidates, campaigns, committees and lobbyists obligated to register and/or report to the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission.



Candidates in a Special Election are reminded to file, or have filed, a “Personal Financial Disclosure” (PFD) covering the preceding calen

Limiting lobbyists will hide influence

October 20, 2012

By Rick Thompson| published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Opinion|
Saturday, January 14, 2012

Limits do not promote transparency.

It is that time of year again when organizations that seek media attention begin clamoring on an issue they are sure will get them some ink and air time. This year the issue some groups have chosen to champion seems to be limiting lobbyist expenditures. Being involved in politics and lobbying for the past two decades, mos

London Bridge may be falling down but is the Georgia Ethics Commission?

October 20, 2012

What does the popular nursery rhyme about London Bridge and the Georgia State Ethics Commission have in common? The same repetitive chorus line of doom and destruction is being repeated – especially, by the press, pundits and “watchdogs”.

Almost every article written about ethics or politics in Georgia includes talk about the “deep” budget cuts of the Commission.   With the current budget of one million dollars, does the Commission have enough to operate effectively and sti

The rest of the story

October 20, 2012

Below are some specific details discussed during my interview with the Associated Press which were omitted from their April 30, 2011 article entitled Ga. ethics panel struggles with budget cuts.

The Georgia General Assembly took monumental steps in making the Georgia Government Transparency & Camp

Georgia Ethics Update

October 20, 2012

Georgia Update:

Previously, the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission (GGTCFC) issued Advisory Opinion 2011-01, which basically required anyone who was employed and wanted to speak to or toward an elected official, to register as a lobbyist. The members of the General Assembly rapidly, with just reasoning, passed 

Speech is still free in Georgia; there is just a $300 registration fee

October 16, 2012

It appears if you own a business or if you have a job you should not call, email, text, speak, tweet, Facebook, or mail (if people still do that) a Georgia legislator about a piece of legislation or any issue that may become legislation in the State of Georgia. If you do, be sure you register and pay your $300 fee to become a lobbyist before communicating.

A recently published Advisory Opinion, 2011-01, issued by the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission has r

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