“Any elected official or person running for office wants to maintain the highest ethics and proper documentation. R. Thompson & Associates is the best in the...

-State Representative



R. Thompson & Associates was founded in 2009 by Rick Thompson, the former head of the Georgia State Ethics Commission, a multi-decade veteran regulator in the states of Georgia and Missouri.  In 2012, Jason Boles, a 20-year veteran business consultant and globally experienced media and marketing expert joined the firm.  Together they have assembled a diverse team of people, systems and organizations known today as RTA Political Management Group.


RTA incorporates ethics, governmental compliance, public relations and strategy consulting services for candidates, campaigns, committees, lobbyists and corporations.  With RTA’s expertise in campaign finance, Federal Election Commission (FEC) and states’ ethics reporting, RTA offers unrivaled knowledge, experience and consultation on the intricacies of navigating the rules and reporting requirements of regulatory agencies overseeing political disclosures.  Ethics and disclosure reporting are our cornerstones.

In 2012 candidate services expanded; developing a tiered cost structure for campaigns, the group makes disclosure-reporting services affordable to all levels including municipal, county and school board filers.  The tiered filing system combined with outside representation by one of the nation’s most reputable political law firms is offered in all 50-states and creates a nationwide footprint.

In addition to candidate disclosures, RTA developed an impeccable track record for consultation, preparation and evaluation of disclosure reporting for PACs, ballot measures, constitutional amendments and lobbyists.  Meeting demand in the marketplace, the group has moved beyond its traditional PAC registration and reporting services.  In addition to general consultancy and rudimentary reporting functions, RTA engages in the comprehensive management of state and federal PACs across the nation.

Strategy was the natural progression for RTA Political Management Group.  Complimenting its ethics and disclosure reporting services, and supporting its comprehensive PAC management solutions, RTA offers a unique niche to strategy.  Unparalleled public relations, crisis management, campaign and fund raising strategy dovetail our proven excellence in ethics and compliance ensuring clients comprehensive, aligned representation.  The team driving strategy has extensive experience working with media across multiple platforms, worldwide.  Beyond the basics of ‘strategy’, we know the ins and outs of cause marketing, call-to-action marketing and image/brand building from years of hands on experience inside and outside the political arena.

Rick Thompson

The Founder and Managing Partner, Rick boasts more than two decades of experience in overseeing ethics and governmental compliance as it relates to candidates, campaigns, lobbyists and committees.  Rick is at the forefront of ethics and compliance on national platforms and is an active member of the Council On Governmental Ethics Laws (COGEL).  He is a former member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and the National White Collar Crime Center lending him invaluable insight to ethics and compliance amongst private industry corporations.  In February of 2010, Rick was nominated and appointed to a position on the editorial board of Public Integrity, the foremost journal on ethics and leadership in all aspects of modern public service and a journal of the American Society for Public Administration, which he actively participates.

Rick was instrumental in the development and implementation of an electronic filing system in the State of Missouri and later the architecture, development and execution of the nationally recognized campaign finance, personal finance and lobbyist electronic filing system in the State of Georgia.  Today, Rick is the majority stakeholder in FrontRunner Filing, a company he co-founded, a web based campaign finance software solution approved by the FEC.

Rick serves as an adjunct faculty member with the University of Phoenix for courses including Ethics in Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice Policy Analysis, Critical Incident Management, Legal Issues in Justice and Security, Principles of Investigation, Foundations of Criminal Justice, Marketing and Sales Message Management, Mass Communications, and Media and Society.

An avid Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) advocate, Rick sits as a multi-Gubernatorial Appointee on the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission.

Jason D. Boles

A Senior Partner and the director for day-to-day operations, Jason attributes his “entrepreneurial zeal” as the most impactful element of his experience.  It is an addiction that has built a diverse platform of knowledge and experiences.  For more than 20-years, Jason has been a consultant heavily focused in advertising, marketing and public relations.

Working from both sides of the desk… each with its unique perspective… Jason has developed strategies for image, for growth, and for measured results around the globe.  The insider advantage comes having consulted, managed, and owned companies in broadcast, publishing, social media and social marketing worldwide.

For almost 15-years Jason has worked alongside executives and politicians developing actionable plans.  The basis of his relationships is a client expecting more than the status quo.  Whether it is goal setting and developing an actionable plan or “spinning” a crisis, Jason thrives behind the scenes manifesting measured results.

Jason and his wife lead a street ministry, Audacious Faith.  He is a dad, youth football and youth baseball coach.  For 12-years Jason served as a Trustee to his Alma matter, Friends University.  Outside community involvements, Jason enjoys hunting, golf and pretending to be a gourmet chef.

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