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-State Representative

Lobbyists & Government Vendors

“Lobby- the act of attempting to influence decisions made by officials in the governmentmost often legislators or members of regulatory agencies.”

Independent Lobbyist

Effective advocacy requires  you to develop and maintain relationships, to gain extensive issue knowledge and to understand the every-evolving inner working of government.  Effective lobbyists recognize the exhaustive amount of time that must be dedicated to these priorities.  Nothing destroys the effectiveness of an advocate more quickly than a misstep that impacts an officeholder.  We lift the administrative registration and reporting burdens letting our clients focus on what makes an impact.

Corporate “In-House” Lobbyist

Managing lobbyist registrations, staying abreast of lobbyist regulations and understanding the complexities of lobbyist reporting requirements is seldom the expertise found amongst the in-house counsel of corporations.  Placing the burden of responsibility for managing a company’s advocacy team on a CFO or its general counsel often leads to a misstep and, best case, is limited to being a distraction.  Our expertise with registration requirements and our understanding of how regulations are enforced will keep your corporation on the front line of advocacy without the worry of violations that relegate your company or your industry to the back row.  From ‘A’ through to ‘Z’, RTA will handle the registration and reporting of in-house lobbyist while providing unlimited consultation to your team, giving them the knowledge they need to be effective.

Lobbyist Registration

We register our clients within all the necessary jurisdictions, in all 50-states and, where necessary, the Federal Elections Commission (FEC).  Our team prepares your required registration documents and manages the logistics of each registration; whether it is a simple electronic registration or a more traditional, manual process.

Lobbyist Disclosure Reporting

RTA can prepare and key-data-enter your expenditure data into the appropriate regulatory report template of each agency and each unique platform. Our regulatory veterans evaluate each disclosure before it is filed to ensure “best practices reporting” and keep your work as an advocate above the board.

Government Vendors

Whether it is municipal, county or state government your company is engaged to provide product or services, chances are you have registration and reporting requirements.  Not following the statutory rules can cost you your contract.

We provide reliable, affordable services and consultation to a number of companies big and small.

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