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Public Relations & Strategy

Public Relations

Our clients benefit from years of experience managing multiple media platforms in various demographics and geographies.  Our experience on both sides of media, as presenter and as user, establishes the expertise to best utilize each platform to carry your message with efficiency and effectiveness.  Perception is reality; for our clients it is our responsibility to build the intended perspective.

We take the often-viewed rudimentary task of issuing a Press Release to the next level crafting a clear, concise and purposed message before ensuring it is disseminated to the identified target audience.  Many PR firms will “broadcast” your press release and talk about how many contacts it will be sent to.  At RTA, we apply to the “quality over quantity” standard employing a tactical distribution method.

Managing a Press Conference can be a daunting task.  Our team stays atop the most minute of details ensuring focus on the message.  Having spoken to groups as large as ten thousand, our leadership team prepares even the most timid speakers for an effective delivery and, when necessary, treatment of questions.

Sometimes PR needs are as simple as building and maintaining, or sometimes even redefining, your image, your brand.  Developing long term, tactical strategy lets our clients to attain measured results.

Whether it is writing an Op-ed or crafting a positioning statement, RTA’s team collaborates the “creative” and the “editorial” with an eye towards detail.  The devil is in the detail… so is your opportunity.  We craft your message to its target with precision accuracy.

Crisis Management

Sometimes it comes out wrong or gets twisted in presentation and sometimes you just stick your foot in it.  Seldom is the onset of a candidate or company’s crisis the defining moment.  More often, response sets the tone and final measure.

Call it crisis management, “spin” or manipulation.  Our communications team craft the best response and manage its dissemination ongoing.  From containment, to redirect, to reconstruction, we work alongside you to avert longstanding impact and keep focus forward.  Setting and holding perception is the core objective.

The strategic direction taken on the backend of a crisis is only as good as the detail that goes into it.  We map a tactical, easy to follow plan.  For some clients, we become part of the team, implementing and managing the comprehensive strategy until agreed benchmarks have been met.

Campaign Management

We offer General Consulting services where our unique, proven approach drives your solution-focused message to voters in both traditional and innovative ways.  With more than 20-years of global marketing experience, our team structures the strategy around the voters “mental buy-in” process.  In addition to building a comprehensive plan and incorporating traditional PR responsibilities, our team trains and manages campaign personnel.  A group of award winning graphic artists and web designers, technological innovators of e-marketing and robocalls, as well as proven researchers, collaborate to stay abreast of poll and issues, and set your most effective message at the forefront.  Our staff and our contractors work with an understanding of professionalism and confidence that ensures you campaign is cohesive and absent of distractions.

Office Holder Support

Candidates with lofty objectives and long term goals recognize that getting elected is often a small part of the battle as a public servant.  Formulating your strategic plan by defining objectives and actionable steps is our first order of business.  Our ideology for an office holder builds from the timeless adage of branding.  Building and maintaining a fluid platform with constituents not only assures your re-electability but also contributes to your long-term aspirations.

Managing the daily, public affairs of as an elected official can become overwhelming.  We make certain your public calendar and communications strategy is built on the principle of working smarter, not harder.  Keeping a public calendar that ensures constituent involvement and public awareness without encroaching into your life outside public service is the first priority of our team.  Together we define how, where and on what frequency you will engage.

A public calendar, social marketing, media planning and ongoing fundraising are all tasks that go beyond the initial plan of attack.  We work with you and your team to define, set measures and manage an ongoing multi-dimensional, identity building solution.


Candidates, Committees, Ballot Measures and Non-Profits recognize that successful fundraising is work done at the hands of experts.  For campaigns and political committees on a local, county or state level, RTA Political Management enjoys strategic alliances with many of the most seasoned and proven professionals.

When it comes to Federal campaigns, our subsidiary RTA Capitol understands and performs within the highest political circles.  In addition to serving as a campaign’s finance director, RTA Capitol puts its team of fundraisers on the ground and employs our proprietary campaign finance solution called FrontRunner.

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