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PAC, Independent Committee & Ballot Measures


Working with outside counsel, we have the expertise to organize, file and register your PAC as well as make application, when necessary, to the Internal Revenue Service for its designation as a qualified organization, exempt from Federal income tax.  We draft Articles of Incorporation, ByLaws, the Public Notice, initial resolutions and initial meeting notices.  We complete the IRS not for profit registration/ application and the associated documents.  Your State and Federal , where applicable, registrations are completed as part of this service too.

Treasury Services

R. Thompson & Associates will fill the official, registered capacity as Treasurer for your PAC or Committee with all responsibilities and reporting associated therein.

General Administration

We incorporate a broad spectrum of services in the general administration of your PAC. These services include:

    • Physical Meeting Space and Dedicated Telephone Service.
    • We provide conferencing and meeting facilities in our Roswell, Georgia headquarters to the executives and directors overseeing the activities and their respective guests on an as needed basis to conduct official business of the PAC or Committee. A dedicated phone line is established, maintained and routed through our corporate call center for best practices oversight.

Receipt Processing

Contributions will be properly processed and tracked to ensure individual limits are not exceeded. Oversight is provided for all types of receipts including: payroll deductions, credit card transactions, checks, cash and other negotiable instruments. We provide a dedicated post office box for contributions to be directed. Management of the post office box includes regularly scheduled pick-up with immediate processing and notification of the receipts.

Expenditure Processing

Disbursements are prepared in accordance with your internal control procedures.  Check requests are reviewed to ensure compliance with applicable federal and state campaign finance rules and regulations. Transactions are appropriately documented for audit purposes and recorded for disclosure to proper authorities.

Bank Reconciliation

The PAC or Committee bank account(s) is reconciled monthly to ensure all activity is properly reported. A check and balance function, reconciliation is a critical aspect of financial administration ensuring the bank balance reconciles to the available cash on reports filed with the state(s) and FEC. The reconciliations are included in monthly managerial reporting packages.

Management Reporting

Typical monthly management reports are provided including receipts and disbursement registers; outstanding receipts and disbursement registers; and, bank reconciliation reports. Our clients have the option of selecting other specific managerial accounting reports to meet internal requirements. Our commitment is to provide the tools and knowledge that enhance the overall effectiveness and standing of the PAC or Committee.

Communication Protocol

Communication protocol is established with your team and subsequently the day-to-day communication between your PAC’s or Committee’s professional service providers.

Compliance Reporting Services

Our firm will prepare, key data enter, review and file all the state(s) and, when applicable, Federal Election Commission regulatory reports required of the PAC or Committee on a monthly basis. In addition to the standard, filing requirements, the firm will file all 24-hour and 48-hour expenditure reports as necessary.

Solicitation Strategy

We develop and present solicitation strategies identifying the target contributor, defining the method of solicitation and detailing the reporting practices that will be followed. Our processes for strategy will include:

    • Evaluation of existing strengths and weaknesses relevant to your PAC or Committee fundraising;
    • Development of a strategy based on your culture… your corporate ‘personality’;
    • Define timelines for the implementation of your solicitations;
    • Oversee your staff in its implementation of the fund raising strategy;
    • Review and Consult on marketing materials used in your solicitation strategy;
    • Facilitate training with your team to ensure coordinators understand and can articulate the purpose of the PAC or Committee within the regulatory requirements for solicitation; and,
    • Create reports to compare sources of participation garnered in the solicitations.

Donation Strategy

We identify and review candidates, ballot issues and other causes that align to your PAC’s or Committee’s purpose.

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