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Georgia Ethics Update

Georgia Update:

Previously, the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission (GGTCFC) issued Advisory Opinion 2011-01, which basically required anyone who was employed and wanted to speak to or toward an elected official, to register as a lobbyist. The members of the General Assembly rapidly, with just reasoning, passed HB 232 which was signed by the Governor of Georgia.

Shortly after the legislation was passed the GGTCFC issued another Advisory Opinion, 2011-03, regarding lobbyists.  This time the GGTCFC issued an opinion contrary to the stance of the agency when it was known as the State Ethics Commission. The Opinion stated expenditures made on behalf of elected officials’ staff need not be reported.  The General Assembly again reacted quickly by passing Senate Bill 160 to clarify expenditures on behalf of staff of public officials are reportable, as the former State Ethics Commission previously directed lobbyists.

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