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GA Lawmakers Face New Responsibility


Roswell, Georgia – RTA Strategy Reacts to Georgia’s New Ethics Laws with New Service Option

January 2, 2014

Roswell, Georgia – RTA Strategy, a political management group founded by the former Executive Secretary of the Georgia Ethics Commission, Rick Thompson, announces a new service for Georgia Lawmakers in response to latest ethics legislation.

“Based on new laws passed and made effective January 1, 2014, Georgia lawmakers will now share in a burden of responsibility with regards to reported expenditures made by lobbyists,” says Rick Thompson. “In the past, lawmakers were only concerned with their campaigns’ contributions and expenditures. However, the new law will obligate Legislators to review Lobbyist expenditure reports to ensure compliance with the new $75 lobbyist expenditure limit.” Thompson continues, “Most everyone is focused on limits and loopholes, but lobbyist reports are now fair game for political opponents to scrutinize and to file complaints against unwary legislators.”

In response, RTA is offering a new service to lawmakers, where it monitors Georgia Lobbyists’ expenditure reports (filed bi-weekly during Session, monthly otherwise) and notifies clients of any possible concerns in reporting irregularities or violations of the new expenditure limits specific to the client. “New laws eliminate the lobbyist registration fee for 2014, we expect the volume of registrations, and consequently the volume of lobbyists’ disclosure reports to monitor, to increase dramatically,” says Thompson. “Our service takes administrative research off a legislator’s desk and lets he or she focus on higher priority issues.”

Organized in 2009, RTA Strategy- Solutions Powered by R. Thompson & Associates is a political management group providing an array of strategic enterprise services to candidates, campaigns, lobbyist, PACs and corporations. The cornerstone of its services is disclosure-reporting consultation.

For more information on disclosure reporting or lobbyists’ disclosure monitoring, contact RTA today!

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