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State Lawmakers’ Campaigns Find Confusion Over Upcoming Filing Deadlines

Atlanta, GA – State Lawmakers’ Campaigns Find Confusion Over Upcoming Filing Deadlines

December 4, 2013

Roswell, Georgia – R. Thompson & Associates, Georgia’s premier provider of campaign disclosure reporting services and consultancy to candidates, lobbyists and PACs comments on Georgia’s upcoming filing schedule for candidates, as released by the Georgia Government Transparency & Campaign Finance Commission.

Rick Thompson, former Executive Secretary for the Georgia Ethics Commission and founder and President of RTA says, “Unfortunately for candidates, with the timing of the implementation of the new reporting laws, candidates will have a double burden of reporting. One disclosure will cover activity from July 1 through to December 31, due no later than January 8. Within a month, another report will be due covering through January 31.” Thompson points out, “The January 31 report is unlikely to disclose much activity because incumbents cannot accept contributions during the legislative session that will have commenced January 14.”

The new January reporting deadline is a result of new ethics laws passed by the Georgia General Assembly during the 2013 Session.

Organized in 2009, RTA Strategy/ R. Thompson & Associates is a political management group providing an array of strategic enterprise services to candidates, campaigns, lobbyist, PACs and corporations. The cornerstone of its services is disclosure reporting consultation.


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